BINGARDEN™ Free Dinners! - What will YOU make? Grown in YOURS?

Chilli Tomato Pasta?

Marijuana leaf image, courtesy of: Oren neu dag

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YOUR BINGARDEN™ will give you gifts! - Flowers for your vases. Fruits, herbs and veggies for your dinner. Grown above your wheelie bin

Inventor, Nick Staley's Kickstarter campaign. Making the world more attractive & less smelly, one BINGARDEN™ at a time!                                                                      (Co-Designer, Cyril Staley)

Just Rock n Roll - Other lid lifting Bin housings SUCK They make the wheelie bin go in backwards the handles and wheels are stuck at the back you have to struggle with the dirty unhygienic end of the garbage can when heavy full of rubbish you risk injury


What will YOU grow? BINGARDEN™ How about a Herb Bin Garden? A Flower Bin Garden? A vegetable Bin Garden? A Shrubbery Bin Garden? A Cannabis Bin Garden?

Taking out the Trash, BINGARDEN™ Style. The sliding plant tray glides back with ease and automatically opens and shuts the dirty bin's lid for you without having to touch the bin or trash can

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BINGARDEN™ Not just for Flowers & Shrubs! Also great for growing Strawberries, Chillies, Herbs, fruits, veggies, Topiary, shrubs, outdoor bonsai or ganja!

Bin Garden Space Requirements. This diagram is to help you make sure you have room. It needs to bolt to a wall (see yellow warning on 'about' page) for more info on that and the drawer extends and you'll want to swing your door open too

BINGARDEN™ Flowers Bloom ATOP YOUR garbage Can. - Get YOUR Bin Garden pre-ordered today.

Claim Back the otherwise unused space above YOUR bin. Flowers bloom in your Bin Garden where grotty once was.

BINGARDEN™ Reward Tiers Infographic. To help backers understand the reward levels available. For more detail see the Kickstarter rewards to Right Hand Side of Kickstarter page.

Hide ugly Garbage Cans. Are you laden down with too many Wheelie Bins? Hide / cover / store them with, flowers, herbs, fruit & veggies!