BINGARDEN™ Safety Notice - Tip Over Hazard.

Large BINGARDEN™ - Stores your Garbage Can wheelie bin this size is for 360L liter litre or 96G gallon bins it will cover anything from 250L to 360L or 68G to 96G

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Flowers hide garbage cans, herbs store wheelie bins, covers with plants, fruits, veggies.

1st Full size wheelie bin cover on YouTube my herb veggie BINGARDEN™ grow herbs chillies tomatoes strawberries above my wheelie bin made many tasty meals from produce grown above my trash Oscar the Grouch would be proud from Sesame Street - Kids ask ya mum!

An early sliding top wheelie bin cover prototype here to prove the concept of my invention, in that it automatically opens and shuts the wheelie bin's lid as you slide the plant tray drawer in and out..

Sliding Planter trash can disguise automatically opens & closes your bin lid (or can lid) with added Rock ‘n’ Roll - ability - Wheeled Bins roll straight in and out! - You just rock n roll.  No need for conventional 180° turn-around with other lid-lifting bin covers which require the user to manhandle the heavy, dirty unhygienic discharge end that get upended into the roll-out cart trucks.

BINGARDEN™ Flowers hide garbage can, herbs store wheelie bin.  - Secure your BINGARDEN™ today!

Medium BINGARDEN™ - Stores your Garbage Can wheelie bin this size is for 240L liter litre or 65G gallon bins it will cover anything from 190L to 240L or 48G to 65G

Small BINGARDEN™ Covers Garbage Can wheelie bin stores away up to 180L liters litres or 45G gallons there are 90L ones 120L bins 140L cans look at the posters get the right sizes for your wheelie bins

Which brings us up to date.

This is the pre-production prototype, there are a few minor tweaks as the video called sizes and differences explains. Your Bin Garden will be an improved version shipping out to YOU in FEB 2016 if we reach our target

This Model BINGARDEN™ prototype has collected some Airmiles! It flew to China to see a Wheelie Bin Cover component supplier to help demonstrate the garbage can cover concept and how it stores trash cans

Cyril Staley, Inventor of Toilet Stopper + Co. Designer of BINGARDEN™ & Company Secretary of Bin Garden Ltd - Shown here testing one of his many Flood Protection Products that, Nick Staley co. designed

INTERNATIONAL PATENTS PENDING.                                                                             BINGARDEN™

an Invention by Nick Staley, Managing Director, Bin Garden Ltd (Co-Designer, Cyril Staley & Co. Secretary.)



Have a look at our BINGARDEN™ Prototype Backlog over the past 7 years: (x5 following photos):

Here's a back log of the BINGARDEN™  various Bin Cover prototypes built over the years  to store garbage cans, dustbins, wheelie bins - Some just to prove concept, or to fly on a plane in hand luggage!

Nick Staley, Inventor of BINGARDEN™ & Managing Director of Bin Garden Ltd. The Bin Garden hides wheelie bins away with flowers, stores garbage cans with herbs, fruits, veggies, or shrubs